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"Providing environments where children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism live, work, and play in their community."

Children's Program
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The incidence of autism in our society is skyrocketing. 1 in 150 children born will be affected; boys 4 times more than girls.

Disabled, you are 25 times more likely to spend part of your life in a nursing home.

There are hundreds of different kinds of disabilities - fewer than 15% of people with a disability are born with it.

1 out of 5 Americans have difficulty performing one or more basic physical activities.

50,000 new cases of head injury occur each year. Most of those who survive a head injury are under the age of 30.

More than one of out every five Americans aged 15 and over have some type of disability, with women having a higher disability rate than men.

83,000 people with Cerebral Palsy are in institutions.

Adult Program

"I am so impressed and grateful for being able to work with such a excellent agency."
-Parent of adult client
Music Program

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